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We have served some of our customers for over 20 years and have built a great reputation based on referrals. Not only do we have an extended history of professional experience and dedication, but we are also fully bonded and insured. Customer satisfaction is our top priority which shows in our quality of work and level of service.


Issue: Needed my complete yard covered by my irrigation system

Had new sod installed in March 2016. During the summer I noticed that I needed to hose water a few spots of my lawn. My clock stopped working. It needed immediate attention. Out of 3 companies I called, Florida Coastal could be here in 2 days. That was a lot better than a week with the other companies. Toby, the owner of Florida Coastal, arrived in 2 days. He replaced my clock, raised some heads with extensions and changed a few heads out. I now have a dependable system with great coverage. My cost for the work done and equipment replaced was very reasonable. Will definitely use in the future on any problems that might arise with my irrigation system.

Issue: Leaky heads and nonworking zones.

Noticed I had 2 heads leaking when system was shut off. Was referred to Florida Coastal by my neighbor who had some work done. Called late on Sunday afternoon and left message. Was called back in a couple of hours.Told of my problem and was told it would be looked at next morning if for nothing else to come by and cut water off. Toby arrived next day mid morning to examine my problem. With no cut off valve on my system alone, I was told since it was going to take more time than he had available that morning, he would come back next morning when he had more time to fix my problem. Next morning he showed up, located my in ground controls, replaced a part, replaced 2 heads and capped another. Zone 1 now worked without leaks as it was supposed to. I had my driveway redone a couple of years ago and damage was done to my system without my knowledge. Toby said he could get zone 2 working but it was going to take some digging to find out exactly where my problem was. I have a small front yard and zone 1 would suffice to keep my grass watered until hot weather. Toby said he would call me with a time to come back and fix my zone 2 problem. I hate that my problem is as extensive as it is, but I could not be more pleased the fine work of Florida Coastal. I thought the cost of he's services for the time he put into the job was very reasonable.

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